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Addiction Treatment Counseling and Recovery Locator Services; Resources, and Information

Due to the number of excellent links sent in by our valuable readers to our Ministries and Resources section, we've now split this  category onto this separate page.  If you work with or know of an organization or resource that may be of benefit or interest to our readers, please see our Listing Policy and email us your link(s) for review.  Links back to our site are greatly appreciated by not required.  See bottom of page for our Listing Notes regarding "faith-based"  programs.

Biblical and Faith Based

  • Restored Hope Network - Biblical Education Resources and Support - Sexual and Relational issues, Gender Identity, Homosexuality

Centers and Locator Services

  • A Better Today  - Evidence based alcohol and drug treatment in a comfortable and safe environment
  • Addiction Guide  - Resources, advice, tips and guides to help those affected by addiction
  • Addiction Treatment  - Treatment Center and Rehab and Recovery Program Locator Services - Search in your area (Alcohol, Drugs, more)
  • Detox to Rehab - Educational Resources - Treatment Center Finder Services - Recovery Tools
  • DetoxLocal - Interactive Substance Chart - Detox Center Finder Services - Informational Resources
  • DrugRehab - Resources and Tools to overcome addiction and lead a lifelong recovery
  • PreventionCoalition - An informational site designed to educate parents, teachers and concerned community members about teen drug use and ways to prevent it
  • Recovery - Reviews and Ratings of Recovery Centers (Alcohol, Drugs, Behavior and more) - Search by State or Zip Code
  • Rehab Center  - National Rehab Center Locator - Resources for Fighting Addictions
  • Recovery Experts  - Searchable National Directory of Rehab Programs

Resources and Information

Listing Notes:

We've recently begun approving and including some information and resources submitted by secular non-profit and for-profit organizations.  We receive no compensation for these listings, and the listings should not be considered an endorsement (nor a disapproval) of the organization or it's products.  It simply means that we believe the information page submitted may be of interest to our readers.

Regarding addiction treatment, counseling and similar services, many secular organizations are now increasingly offering "faith-based" options in various programs.  Many of these organizations promote faith in a generic "higher power" or "god of your own choosing", so if you are a Christian, you may be dealing with an organization that is primarily humanistic and/or counselors with a completely different worldview (may also vary by local centers and individual counselors).  Other centers may downplay or even deny the moral aspect of addictions altogether, limiting themselves to addressing the physical aspects of addictions only.  We therefore recommend that believers do some research and ask a lot of questions.  These situations still may provide some helpful programs along with support of fellow members, promotion of a positive attitude etc.  We are aware that many people have been helped by many of these organizations.  However, only Biblical and Christ-centered programs based on faith in the one true living God can offer the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit.

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