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Bible Book Introductions Historical Backgrounds, Summaries, Interpretation Hints
Key Verses, Timelines, Main Themes, Outlines and more...

Welcome to our main Bible Book Introductions Page.  This section contains concise background information, summaries, interpretation principles and practical applications for each section and book of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.   See the OT at a Glance and NT at a Glance pages for a brief one or two sentence overview of each book.

For an brief overview of each Bible Section, including an Intertestamental summary, see our Bible Overview Page.

Click on the Section or Book for the writings.  If a link is not active, the corresponding book intro has yet to be uploaded.  We're steadily working (since 2007) to complete the remaining books.

New Testament

Gospel & Historical

Letters of Paul

General Epistles

** Author of Hebrews is Unknown - We group the book with the Pauline Epistles to be consistent with most modern English versions of the Protestant Bibles

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