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Poetry & Other Writings by William "Poet Bill" Childers

Welcome to Poet Bill's main page.  Bill, a retired minister and former precinct chaplain for the Dallas Police Department, writes a lot of what he calls "growing-up memories and lessons".  We have sorted these writings for organizational purposes, but most transcend the category in which it is placed.  For example, Bill's military poems are much influenced by his family life and faith in God.  Likewise, his writings about life, living, being, etc, contain spiritual thoughts and messages, sometimes obvious and at other times, slightly hidden in the heart of the writing.

We are delighted to have Bill as a part of our ministry and hope you receive a blessing while reading his works.  See About Poet Bill for a short biography.

"With all the difficulties of life that surround each of us, we give all the glory to our Lord and our God, Jesus Christ" - Bill Childers

Poems Uploaded 2007 - 2010.



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Life and Family

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Military and Patriotic (Dedicated to Our Troops)

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