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Either Or... or Both And... by Bill Childers

Either Or... Both And...

I keep thinking how things oughta be,
Or maybe, it's just the way I want.
It's Like thinking how I oughta be,
Like what I oughta do ... but I don't!

I know what they say about greener grass,
And not being happy where you are.
It's sometimes easier to 'fold and pass'
Than go for an unreachable star.

I seem to do so few things right,
I fall into traps of all kinds.
So often it seems the darkest night
Is all my desperate soul can find!

I want to say, "Lord take my hand,
Can't you see where my feet are going?"
Then I want to speak in harshest command,
"Don't let me sow what I'm sowing!"

Then reality, of sorts, sets in,
And I know where responsibility lies.
I look in the mirror, know where I've been ...
And know where 'passing the buck' dies!

Ah, but it's never easy, accepting oneself,
I want someone else I can blame!
But 'Someone' did once
Make accepting oneself okay ...
Forever and always ...
He, willingly ... stands the blame.

Bill Childers
Copyright : December 2003

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