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Site Map A Brief Overview of our Site to Aide Navigation

Navigation Note:  As our site continues to grow, so does the challenge of keeping it simple and easy to navigate.  We’re currently reorganizing a few sections, combining and archiving, and will post the updated descriptions below.

We've also placed category links at the bottom each section’s main page along with related links and hierarchy paths  at the top of individual pages.  Please contact us with any comments or suggestions on how to make the site more user friendly, other features you’d like to see, etc.

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Our home page contains links to the latest news, alerts, Bible studies, articles etc.

What's New

Visit here to check out our latest additions and updates.

Site Map

This page is an overview of how the site is arranged, with descriptions of the major sections.

Search Engine

Search our entire site and blogs for specific topics, authors etc. 

About Us

This page contains a bit of info about us, and the purpose of this site.  It also contains some Frequently Asked Questions and contact info.

Our Beliefs

Statement of Faith / What We Believe

Support Us

We value and need your support.  We are not currently soliciting monetary donations, but see this page for ways that you can partner with us.

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The Real Issue

Our newest blog, which contains many additional interactive features.  We post our thoughts on various Religious, Cultural, Moral, Ethical, Social and Political issues filtered thru a Christian Worldview.

Original Blog Archives

Selections of the most popular posts from our original blog.

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Online Bible

Read the Bible Online in a Modern English translation.  Includes Introductions to each section and book.

Bible Study Guide

Due to the continuous progression and expansion of this section, we're  in the process of splitting it  into multiple sections for better organization and ease of navigation.  This page now functions as a second site map containing descriptions and links to other sections and articles relating to Bible study.

Bible Commentary Plus

In this section, you’ll find Articles, Expository Study Notes, Questions and Answers on Difficult Passages, Word Studies, Maps and Charts, Application, and much more arranged by Bible Book and Chapter.  In addition to our own writings, we’ve included some literature from a few giants of the faith.

Bible Book Introductions

Concise background information, key verses, book summaries, theological themes, interpretation principles and practical applications for each Book of the Bible.  Currently adding content and tying in to the corresponding Book in our Online Bible and Bible Commentary Plus sections.

Bible Interpretation

Approaches, Principles, Rules and Issues pertaining to Bible Interpretation.

Bible Genre Analysis

How to recognize and interpret the various Literature Types found in the Bible.

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Theological writings in this section are arranged systematically according to the major doctrines.


Articles which answer questions about the Christian faith, defend the truth of Christianity against the heretical views of various opponents, and expose the flaws of other world views.


This section contains articles on evangelism, witnessing and salvation,  including “How to Know for Sure that You’re Going to Heaven”.

Creeds and Confessions

We've posted various Creeds, Confessions and Catechisms from throughout the history of the Christian Church.

Hebrew Heritage

This section contains articles on our vast Hebrew heritage, the Jewish roots of Christianity, and Christian / Jewish relations.


Our Biblical and Theological Dictionary, containing some of the most common words that you're likely to encounter when reading the Bible or other Christian literature.


An alphabetical index of the various authors represented on our site, with links to their articles, sermons etc.

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Religion & Culture

This section contains articles which we have written pertaining to Cultural and Religious Issues.  We’ll also occasionally post alerts on important issues.

Christian Living

Our articles on a wide range of issues related to our everyday walk with Christ, from worship, morals, ethics and doctrine to social and political issues written from a Christian worldview.

Military & Patriotism

This section of articles, announcements, poetry etc is dedicated to patriots and our brave men and women defending our freedoms.

News Services

Visit here for the latest news feeds and opinions from a Christian and conservative worldview.  Stay informed on the current topics that affect us as Christians, such as Religious Freedom, Sanctity of Life and other Religious, Political, Moral and Ethical Issues.

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Biblical and Christian History

Articles relating to the history of the Christian religion and the church, illustrating our rich historical heritage and it's influence on the arts, science, government, society etc.  We've also included articles on General. OT and Intertestamental History.

American's Christian Heritage

Information and documentation on America’s true history, with an emphasis on the moral, ethical and religious foundations on which our constitution and legal system was originally based.  We also offer historical perspective on current legal and political topics.

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Christian and Family-Friendly Poems from Poet Bill, a retired minister and former precinct chaplain for the Dallas Police Department.


This section contains some photos that illustrate the glory and the miracles of our Creator God.


Artwork of various themes & Illustrated Articles.

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We created this section to share a few of the jokes and humorous anecdotes that we've heard over the years.

Stories & Illustrations

Inspiring stories that we thought worthy of sharing.

Resource Shop

Check out this page to obtain resources such as books, movies, music, software and more. 

Ministry & Resource Links

This page features links to many good Christian, Family, Humanitarian, Social and Cultural Action ministries and organizations; plus links to find additional information on Religious, Family, Military and other subjects... all arranged by category or topic.

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