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See About our Online Bible for information regarding manuscripts, translating, programming, various features and other information.

Programming Notes:  Chapter and Verse numbers for all Bible books are generated via “Javascript” language.  If your browser prompts you, please allow scripts to run if you want to view the numbers.  There are no other scripts or ActiveX controls running on these pages.

Our Online Bible was initially uploaded in 2007.  All basic features of our Online Bible have been completed, including outline headers and hover study notes as of April 2020.  We continue to add additional study notes periodically.  It is very important to understand that these additional features (including chapter and verse numbers) are included as aides in studying the Bible, but should not be considered on the level of authority as the Scripture itself.  Thank you. 

** Author of Hebrews is Unknown - We group the book with the Pauline Epistles to be consistent with most modern English versions of the Protestant Bibles

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