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During my college years in the mid seventies, I was an engineering major on tennis scholarship.  In my spare time, I would usually hang out with one of my best buddies on the team, an art major, in the college cafeteria or library while he sketched his three favorite subjects (girls, girls and girls... tennis was a close fourth).  He eventually talked me into sketching along with him, using the argument that it was a great way to meet girls.  He was actually not very good at illustration, but was excellent at painting and sculptures.  I also tried painting and sculpture, but to say my attempts looked like an average second grader's would be an insult to the second grader.  To my great surprise; however, I was blessed with a decent talent for drawing with pencil and charcoal.  I particularly enjoyed drawing portraits, learning to use my fingers to do the shading.

Recently, I found a bunch of these drawings which my wife had stored in a closet.  Because I didn't know any better at the time, many were drawn on cheap paper that had become brittle and torn over the years, but I managed to salvage the majority.  As I glanced thru the drawings for the first time in years, God began to give me the idea to post them along with a few accompanying scriptures.  It is amazing how God can work thru all parts of our lives, even those portions long forgotten by ourselves.

I created this section of our website to share these with you.  Having Poet Bill join our website, along with his great contributions of poetry, has made me want to start drawing again.  I haven't hand-drawn in about thirty years, but I'd like to give it a shot when I get the time.  Until then, I hope you enjoy these drawings from my college days, and we may even add a few entries by others.

Throughout this section, clicking on the thumbnail images will open a larger image.  Section Uploaded 2007.


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