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I hope I don't offend anyone with the use of the expression "girls", as opposed to "women", "females" or whatever might be the latest politically correct designation.  I choose to use the term "girls" (or "ladies" if they are old enough to be out of college) because that is what we called these lovely creatures back in those days.

These portraits were drawn during my freshman and sophomore years at Texarkana Community College, 1975 and 1976.  I usually spent from 6-12 hours a day on the tennis courts, and even attended a few classes (I did  made the dean's list a couple of semesters), so my schedule left little time for dating or socializing.  I had only gone on a few dates by the time I met my future wife in the middle of my sophomore year.  Still, I found time to sketch a few girls that crossed my path on campus or elsewhere.

I've included this page on the website just for fun.  I apologize for my sketchy memory regarding names and locations.  Click on the drawings to see larger images.  Uploaded 2007.


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