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Religious and Cultural Issues

We maintain that all Christians should be involved in the political and cultural aspect of our society, but believe that lasting change is brought about much more effectively by changing hearts than through legislation.  For example, Prohibition in America, while well-intended, did little or nothing to reduce the consumption of alcohol.  By contrast in England, under the preaching of George Whitefield and others, bars were forced to close due to lack of customers.  Thus, on the issue of abortion, for example, we should fight for legislation to protect the unborn children and our religious freedoms, but we must not neglect spreading the Gospel to perspective parents, which will be much more effective in the long run.

This page contains articles we have written concerning topics which impact us as Christians.  We also address many other religious and cultural issues in Real Issues blog.  Section created Dec 2007 and re-formatted Jan 2009.


Religious Articles

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Cultural Articles

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