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Musical Artists and Celebrities

These portraits were drawn during my freshman and sophomore years at Texarkana Community College, 1975 and 1976, during my "hippie" days.  I sported a goatee and hair halfway down my back.  I wish now that I had kept some from my first haircut after college.  I could glue it over some of the thin spots today.

This section should really identify the "over forty" group in the crowd, however younger readers may recognize some of them.   As Ray Davies of the Kinks once sang, "Celluloid heroes never really die", in that their art lives on.

Our main purpose in posting these is not to glorify the rock and roll or Hollywood culture, but all of us were made in the image of God, and although that image has been damaged in us (and being repaired in believers as we're being made into the image of Christ),  even unbelievers retain some potential for talents.  I'll also be posting some of the lyrics from the artists and noting some similarities and/or contrasts with the Scriptures.  I hope you enjoy them.

Click on the drawings to see larger images.  Uploaded 2007.

Musical Artists and Celebrities

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