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Christmas Poetry - Page 2 by Bill Childers

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Anxious Awaiting

A gift list was made, heart palpitating,
The tree was prepared for the morn.
Anxious days, long nights, quiet waiting…
With hearth and home so brightly adorned.

Fresh dough and baking powder flying,
Cookie cutter ready at hand,
All colors nearby for the dying…
To make Santas and trees so grand!

The smell of spicy cider, cookies baking,
Almost more than one can partake.
Waiting close to see what’s for taking,
Trying to be “good for goodness’ sake”!

It’s all part of Christmas, so we think,
We wouldn’t miss these for the world.
We couldn’t imagine it gone for a wink,
It would leave our lives in a whirl!

It’s so hard to imagine a time without,
When kids and, oh yes… grown-ups too,
Had no tree, no lists, no joy to shout…
No Christmas stockings, or toys new.

The shepherds and wise men waited… yes,
But for what, they knew not!
We know that it was for the first Christ-Mass.
Is it Christmas… Really?

I’ve begun to hear the merry sounds,
And see the tinsel bright.
Though I’ve seen no snow on the ground,
I’ve heard, “O Holy Night”.

I’ve seen the merry shoppers go
All around the busy mall;
Windows filled with bogus snow,
Merchant’s ware in every stall.

Santa’s chairs in many stores
Waiting for Jolly Ole St Nick,
Children lined to whispers galore
Of toys they’ve carefully picked.

Streets of festive lawns and trees
Burdened with lights and glitter;
Faces brightened by all they see,
Voices caught in song and twitter.

But, is it really Christmas I see,
Or things I’ve grown to expect?
What in our lives has it come to be?
Is it Christ we’ve come to reject?

I’m not really certain I know what’s true.
I guess that’s why I’m asking you…
Is it Christmas... really?

Bill Childers
Copyright : 2003

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A Little Reminder

We'll gather around the table soon
T’ break bread and other things.
There'll be ham, turkey, trimmings galore,
And cheer that only Christmas brings.

We'll meet new friends with hands and hugs,
Greet warmly those we've known awhile;
Set the table with goodies unending…
How can we help but have a smile?

Then, after all the eating's done,
When we can't ‘down’ another bite,
We'll don our coats against the cold,
And journey out into the night.

We'll gather again in the Lord's House,
We'll flock around the old upright,
Raise our voices greatly in one accord
As our spirits glimpse the ‘Brightest Light’.

Telling the story once again…
Of the Gift God gave to Man!

Bill Childers
Copyright : 2003

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Christmases Remembered

I’ve remembered Christmases for many reasons.
I’ve recalled them for many things.
Not just for being the most joyous of seasons,
Not for being the time angels sing.

There was one when I was only seven,
The tobacco farm, the country lane;
I was sure for the first time under heaven
That mom and dad brought sled and train.

And then, when many years had swiftly gone,
I found myself on foreign land,
Part of war where I could have felt alone
Except for love from a different hand!

There are many more, but the one just passed
Is clearly etched in my memory always,
For, where could have come so fast…
The Lord has added many “life” days!

Bill Childers
Copyright : 2003

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