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Christmas Poetry - Page 3 by Bill Childers

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The Day

Even before the clock had chimed,
Eyes popped wide with wonder,
Something whispered, “It’s time!”
Quilts and bedding flew asunder!

Memory of brightly-wrapped things,
Of tinsel-covered ribbon bows,
Of mysterious boxes Santa brings
Whose deliver only he knows.

For what might have seemed forever,
Paper, ribbon and boxes flew,
Hugs and Kisses to every giver,
And a silent ‘Thanks’ to Santa too.

But then, when this is all done,
What is there left to do?
Except to take the new ball and run,
Eat turkey, dressing… and pie too!

Then someone says, “church anyone?”
Someone else, “I guess we should.”
From another, “Does this mean ‘everyone’?”
It’d be a nice day if we would.

Christmas Day… Gift Day… Fun Day…
What name would describe it best?
Was the Christ-Child discarded with the rest?

Bill Childers
Copyright : 2003

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The Place

'Twas a cold eve in Bethlehem,
Travelers weary of journey far.
Mary knew the time was near,
Though cold 'neath sky and star.

With great care and concern
Joseph sought warmth and cover.
Yet, no place seemed to appear
Ere this certain event be over.

The birth of the awaited Child
Brought no heralds for the way,
Showed no light o'er the door
As the place for Him to stay.

The inn keeper seemed ill-alerted
To a special guest coming there.
He informed Joseph of no place…
Except, p'haps for the manger bare.

Thus Mary, heavy with child,
Was placed in the spartan bed.
She shed no tears of hurt or shame…
As she birthed the Christ-head!

Bill Childers
Copyright : 2003

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The Story Complete

The trees sparkled and blinked,
Joyous music filled the air.
Brightness and beauty captured the eye…
It was wondrous everywhere!

The warmth of it held the Spirit,
The majesty of it, the heart.
One wanted to behold everything,
Yet one hardly knew where to start!

Beneath the trees gifts piled high,
New boxes and bundles came every day.
One questioned if there would be room
When Santa finally came in his sleigh,

Then a new wonder came on Christmas Eve,
When everyone heard the story told…
Gathered to listen, worship and praise,
Music and Word, the story of old!

It was Christmas morn by the evergreen,
Love and giving filled the room.
One could not begin to think of a cross…
Awaiting the Child… all too soon!

Bill Childers
Copyright : 2003

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