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Christmas Poetry by Bill Childers

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I remember saying that I would not gather and bunch writings, yet I’ve already done it somewhat, haven’t I, with those about war. I kept telling myself that “that just happened… they were few and already together anyhow”. Well, maybe that was true.

Anyhow… I found myself looking at these about Christmas, or maybe New Years… so, I’m reneging a little. There’s just some things about these glorious days that tug on my fingers and thoughts that needs caring for. So, come meander, get soft in the heart (and maybe the head as well) as we wander down the lane with sleigh bells, mistletoe, eight reindeer… and anything else, whether it be feelings, longing, hopes, dreams, loneliness, fulfillment… or just the sheer pleasure of thinking about what all it means to you, regardless of the time of year you read, think or dream about this most wondrous of seasons… remembering especially the birth of the Christ-child.

So, I hope by wandering a bit to these few thoughts of my quill, your day might be brighter, even with a tear or two of sentimental thinking.   BC

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I plod my way toward Christmas,
And I wonder what it is
That stirs my excitement,
Yet brings my soul to peace.

I wonder what it is that I know,
Or feel deep inside,
That makes me eager to arrive
Where joy and peace abide.

Oh, I hear the peels of laughter,
I feel the mounting frills,
And nothing can dampen the time,
Especially the cold and chills.

Some will gather in the Lord’s House,
Others will gather at home.
Yet, the only thing that matters
Is... whether He’s invited to come.

We can sing all the right songs,
And say all the right things,
But, unless He’s asked to come along,
It matters not what else we bring!

Bill Childers
Copyright : 2003

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The Christmas Gift

The wondrous smiles of children
Are much more than just smiles.
They’re proof of the bounteous love
That carries them over life’s miles.

Whether they get to see Santa,
Or just know that ‘he has been’,
They know that what he ‘is’
Will return time and time again!

Some time along the way of life
The hope is that they will see
That Christmas is a season
To glimpse something we can be.

So, whether we talk about pumpkins,
Sugar plums, or fairy tales,
We’re really talking about the Babe
Born among the animals and bales.

Oh, we need to share the many things
That make Christmas what it is.
To make it anything less would be
To make it less than His!

And so my friends, sing out loud,
Eat hearty of the succulent,
Enjoy the many gifts you receive,
But, don’t forget the One God sent!

Bill Childers
Copyright : December 1982

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