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Friend by Bill Childers


One who cares when others walk away,
Not noticing the flaws easily seen.
Entrusting love so freely shared.

When life crumbles… here to stay,
Having no judgment of what has been,
Only healing where soul is bared.

Letting tears fall to tender hands,
Offering healing to open wound,
Very gently brushing biting sands,
Ever singing the spirit’s tune,
Standing where only the strong stand!

Yet in all the grandest giving
Of strength and caring beyond all,
Unlike others, there seems no end.

For the hurts now gone… forgiving,
Only remembering that needed call,
Regretting harsh words from a friend.

Asking for only love of a kind,
Loving not just on sunshine days
When life’s realities seem blind
And the hard times are far away;
You know a hand is always near…
Saying, “Come on friend… stand here”.

Bill Childers
Copyright : 2003

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