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The Journey by Bill Childers

The Journey

I shall not long be remembered
For the journey I have made...
There are so many things not done,
More will recall my unspoken words
Than tread stones I’ve laid,
Or be mindful of battles I’ve won.

Oh, I shall not linger at any turn
Of the well-worn road ahead
To see if any follow my lead.
For, if I could glimpse a pupil
Hanging-on to what I’ve said,
I’d soon make that a desperate need!

Whether to be remembered or not
Doesn’t seem of great importance.
There are greater things indeed.
If a life seems to be better,
And not just from happenstance,
But, because somehow I’ve sown a seed.

Ah, that thought gives me peace,
A sense of wellness inside,
It levels out a bump...or two
There seems not to be a pompous
Feeling I’ve need to hide,
But, awareness of something new.

So, perhaps, ’tis not our journey
That we’ve gone these many years,
Not for our sake we’ve trod;
But, p’haps ’tis for others around
We’ve shed a partial of tears...
As we walk hand-in-hand toward God.

Bill Childers
Copyright : 2003

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