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Poems about Life - Page 4 by Bill Childers

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 A Token

There's nothing to do if you don't do it...
There's nothing to say if you don't say it.
You can travel the earth,
Measure its height and girth...
If you don't know the song... you can't play it!

There's no place to go if you can't stand still...
There's nothing to see with eyes closed.
You can march to a tune,
But if the road's hand-hewn...
You'll not see the danger 'til the abyss is exposed!

There's no love to give 'til you love...
There's no enemy 'til you learn hate.
Your ravings in a march
May tear you into parts...
Truth may be something learned too late!

There's no faith until you seek it...
There's no soul 'til you give it.
'Til one's spirit is filled
With the one who was killed...
There's no peace 'til you live it!

There's no giving 'til you let go...
There's no knowing 'til you seek.
There's need for food to grow,
A need for knowledge to know...
Lest in the ways that count... you are weak!

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2003

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 The Season

It's been said a season exists for all things...
There is one for hate, one for love,
One for Joy, one for sorrow,
One for today, one for tomorrow...
Yet for a full life there seems not enough!

It's also been said that with all these seasons
A life can be lived for only four,
One for spring, on very warm,
One, fall... one the brink of storm...
That if fully lived, one could want for nothing more.

Ah, but it's not for those days lived that one hungers,
Not for those filled that one quests
'Tis for those that could be,
Those life that will not see...
That one seeks lest failure marks the test!

Perhaps fear of missing something that could be
Allows emptiness on the seasons that are,
To fill the possibilities of today
With success lest it pass away...
Would give one the greatest season... by far!

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2003

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 A Wish

Did you ever think when you were a kid
That you only wanted to be someone grand?
That you wanted power  to do things with...
That, if for a day
Things could go 'your way'...
And you could make a play for the grand stand?

Have you wondered, along the way to now
Just what makes one tick, makes one win?
Whether you would have gotten here anyhow...
I you had 'just played the game'
Things would still be the same...
And not wonder what might have been?

Do you remember the time you had a choice,
When you had but to step-up, be counted?
You had but to be yourself, to speak your voice...
You found you couldn't think,
The chance gone with a wink...
And doubts steadily grew and mounted?

O, if wishes were castles, would we all be Kings?
Would we be just what we wanted to be?
Would we fly above the pain, poverty with airy wings?
If we had only one chance,
Would we run or dance...
Or, would we still want to wait and see?

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2003

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