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The Ultimate Gift by Bill Childers

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I Said...

I said, "Don't run into the street lest you look,"
But, just yesterday a deal looked the best yet.
And so I leaped, no seeing the chance I took,
Another instance of my taking life on a bet!

I said, "You must forgive others to be forgiven,"
It sounded good, and I really meant what I said.
But today, just today, even as I glanced at heaven,
I remembered a grievance that filled my head.

I said, "Say nothing if you can't say things good."
Yet not long ago, I know my son heard,
As I angrily spoke of thoughts that surely would
Wound the heart with every careless word.

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2003

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Where to... from Here

We might ask the Question,
"Where does one begin
That which must be done,
Before it can find an end?"

Yet, isn't it just as often
That one would just rather not!
For after all, there's clearly a fool...
If 'getting' fails to be a 'got'!

Isn't it plain to most who see,
That failing 'one', there's no 'two'?
A step not taken finds the end,
One never 'did' without a 'do'!

How often has one quickly said,
"I just couldn't get started?"
But, someone else had earlier said,
"A fool and his gold are quickly parted."

Is there such a fear of letting go the past?
Are we afraid a past victory won't last?
Or, is there more fear of a future lost,
Primarily because we first count the cost?

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2003

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All in All

When I think of all the wonders I've seen,
The marvels, the miracles, the majesty!
And my mind rests on the places I've been,
I recall greatness mixed with tragedy!

Ah, for countless centuries man has sought
A Shangri-la... a respite from war;
A solitude or peace, whether stolen or bought,
Whether a product of any pain he bore!

My selfishness will forbid any meandering
Through paths of labor and honest gain.
Yet, my soul cringes of inept pandering,
Of ever lying where fools have lain!

Yes, I've seen marvels, wonders and death!
I've seen splendor, beauty and sorrow!
I've seen the majestic, destitution and wealth...
The future in yesterday... and tomorrow!

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2003

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