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Poems about Life - Page 10 by Bill Childers

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The Hunger

I suppose that one does not recall
The journey on the upward way.
Because one knows the travel is not
Just what one accomplishes day-by-day.

One is neither aware of when it began,
Nor. when it likely will be complete.
There is simply the meandering along
Through every avenue, path and street.

Perhaps one has no idea, feint or strong,
That a mountain is to be slowly ascended.
Perhaps weariness so belatedly comes
That one is neither weary' nor winded.

Yet, the coming down from the mountain climb,
The hurrying to be where one began,
Hurts greatly if one leaves the top far behind...
And... finds waiting, not granite... but sand!

Thus, how can one choose carefully the stones
That he might have found on the upward way?
Can the lantern be settled in places once known,
That belies one's footing is sure to stay?

And, so, where goes the certainty once felt,
Where lies the promise of a victor’s quest'!
Dare we dream assurance where a knight knelt...
Where a sword has touched... and blessed?

Bill Childers
Copyright: 1999

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The Agony of Victory

I cannot begin because there is no aim,
Yet, I cannot stop because of the need.
I find no satisfaction here,
No comfort, strength or cheer...
Would that I knew even a thief’s greed!

I cannot remain, for even the snail does not.
Yet, my pace is much akin to that.
Even at the starter's gun
A 'race' has not yet begun...
Nor a 'winning run' at the crack of a bat!

It, therefore, seems I can neither stay nor go,
Neither win the game nor lose.
If I fail to start the chase
I cannot 'run the race'...
Nor move in the direction I choose.

Therefore, it is not enough just to 'need',
Nor enough to have naught but a 'want'.
A hunger must set the pace
Lest there ever be a race…
And not just a "something to do" jaunt!

So, Lord, see my devastation when I stand still,
Hear the pounding of an eager heart!
Know that I strain at the brace,
Driving to achieve the mace...
That you and I shall ne'er be known apart!

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2003

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If I thought I Could...

I would touch every being with warmth
And assure them of everlasting success.
I would ease every pain,
Never let it come again...
And calm every moment of stress.

I would take every hand, enclose it in mine,
Quite the tremors and fears.
I'd build unyielding courage,
Halt the struggling rage...
And smooth away emerging tears.

I would free every pain from hunger,
Put a shelter over every head.
I'd get shoes for everyone,
Children could walk and run...
And promise better days ahead.

I would cure eyes that could not see,
Heal ears that could not hear.
I'd open troubled minds,
Show peace they could find...
And walk with them through the years.

I would gather dreams and scatter hurt,
Leave no misery to be found.
I'd gently caress the soul!
‘Til each life felt whole...
And feet stood on solid ground.

Bill Childers
Copyright: 1999

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