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A Riddle by Bill Childers

A Riddle?

Was there ever a puzzle,
The answer already known.
Rather like having a flower,
Without knowing what seed was sown.

Perhaps it is somewhat like
Without a malady being,
Or like what's ahead,
Without the need of seeing.

Then a humanitarian willing to go,
Yet no frontier exists to serve.
A wondrous voice stands in the wing,
But no one has formed the words.

Many have thought the master
Was an answer without question...
That His message and ministry
Was a foundation for nothing to rest on.

That here was a man willing to love,
Yet few, if any seemed to want it.
An offer at every turn to serve,
A power rare, He would not flaunt it.

Two decades of centuries have gone,
The answer lies yet within reach.
Perhaps the question is yet beyond us...
For the answer He's trying to teach!

Bill Childers
Copyright : 2003

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