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Final Thoughts by Bill Childers

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Life... By Any Other Name

Yet, another thought...

In a poetry workshop, which I decided to grace with my presence, and to astound with my wonderful writings, I found a place and opportunity to enlarge my vision of some things poetry could be if one lets-go of one's tunnel-vision of seriousness... and just flies... I'm not certain just how far or how well I flew, but it was exhilarating to my spirit, and strengthening to my wings...


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Empty Time

How often have you said, 'bide your time'?
How often have you attempted the same?
Don't we know it's easier said than done?
It's easier to 'watch' than play the game!

Yet, when we're not part of the action,
We find ourselves bored with being.
So, we mind someone else's business,
Yet, not seeing what we're seeing.

It's as if we empty-out our time,
So it won't threaten who we are.
Why, we can even empty our 'God-time",
And make ourselves the 'Star'!

But, is that really what it's about?
I mean, do we really want so little?
Aren’t we afraid of how serious it is,
Afraid of being caught in the middle?

Don't you see the problem, my friend,
Is it so difficult to understand?
That, if you get on a tricky springboard...
The water's not always where you'll land!

But, don't get frightened, my friend,
here's time, yet, to pull it through.
All the emptiness that's gone before
Can be counted as plus for you.

There's another saying... 'live and learn',
But, one must be willing to so do!
For 'One who Cares' came long time ago...
Opening' A Door'... for you to go through!

Bill Childers
Copyright: 1999

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My Friends

Ah, my friends, it's finally come to me,
The truth for which I've not sought;
That too oft we see what we want to see.
We travel weary roads,
Carrying needless loads...
Paying heavy prices for what we've not bought.

Yet, 'tis not always an empty bier we find
Where we might deposit a defunct desire,
Shedding a shallow declaration of a kind
But, rather a seed we've sown
That we hungered to call our own...
But, now discover lost in mud and mire.

Now the time arrives requiring a bitter bite.
There appears less space for small talk,
Less understanding of a finely honed light.
I can no longer seek what I find.
‘Tis beyond my clear, simple mind
Where I'm pinioned to the clarity of my walk.

You, my friends, soar beyond the sights I see!
Wings beating the grandeur of earth!
You conjure dreams, nurture fantasies to be.
You fly in angels' mist
To peaks only heaven's kissed...
You've only begun to know infinity of your worth!

I share your joy, your ever-present sheer delight
When you births stars and spangled ways!
I celebrate the eagerness, your spontaneous sight!
I envy, with caring, your dreams
Fondling creations often unseen,
Yet, fashioned by trendy thought and opulent rays.

And, so, I wish each of you a hunger never filled,
A thirst, always just beyond your time,
Treasures of need, want, from a vault never sealed.
I bid you each a most fond sojourn,
A place where you might learn,
Asking you to bless my eternal need... to rhyme!

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2003

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