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Poems about Life - Page 3 by Bill Childers

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Life's Life-Movements

As I sat stunned at the staggering sea,
The torrid, tearing waves came rushing in!
Countless crushing crescendos to beat
The raging cacophony of a wild wind!

And with the symphonic settling of things,
Embellishments of harmonious hummingbirds
Wet their whistles with spring rain and sing
A somewhat silent song without words.

Lovers swing down lanes of feeling free,
Arms entwined, hips in common sway,
Totally oblivious, hearts reeling free,
Peaceful consonance, a jubilant day!

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2003

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If I Should...

See a bird unable to fly,
A tiger unable to fight.
See a baby unable to cry,
A child without any sight...

Find a person unable to walk,
A road with no place to go.
Hear a leader with no fault,
A man who has no foe...

Hear a wise man with no guile,
An ignorant man with no heart.
Face a bitter man with no smile,
A lonely man who chooses to stand apart...

Hold someone who cannot accept grace,
Someone who refuses given love.
See pain from a tearless face,
An eternity of caring still not enough...

If I stand witness to all of these,
Find no way to bring them to be,
I would not feign my labor cease...
Anymore than my eyes to longer see.

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2003

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Scenario of Life

I don't think there's ever been
A convenient time to live or die.
There's never been a best time
To ask the question... why?

There's never been a right time
To tell the truth, or lie.
With the many faces of life,
A time to laugh... or cry!

When one begins to choose
A time for any of these,
One begins to wonder
If one sees what one sees?

Then if it's really true
That convenience is only a sham,
It seems to behoove one to ask...
Am I really who I think I am?

Perhaps there's one more question
About the scenario one would live.
Is the program written only for me...
Or perhaps, for another to see what I give?

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2003

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I've Often Heard Said...

I've often heard said from here and there
That one should never sow
A furrow much wider, longer and deeper
Than one's talent lets one hoe.

That perhaps, one should be very careful
Of the game one elects to play,
That being caught between the bases...
Could make for a very long day.

I've often heard said that one should look
Before taking the proverbial leap...
That one should never plant more grain
Than one could possibly reap.

Yet, I've also heard that one cannot win
A race he has never begun,
That one can never know how great his stride...
Lest he fully begins to run!

I've often heard said one must think well
Of the journey he has chosen to follow,
That one must choose well the pacer...
Lest the finish be desperate and hollow.

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2003

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