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Growing Old by Bill Childers

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When I Grow Old

When I grow to be an old man, I'll probably do some things
I would not have dared when I feared to risk.
I'll decide it doesn't really matter what others think.
I'll express opinions without caring,
Some will think them preposterous, absurd...
Without Thought,
It will not be important to my future if most of
Those who matter disagree.

I'll wear clothes that are comfortable and
It will mean more to me that I am pleased,
Than that I am keeping up with the time... or the Joneses.
I'll skip rocks across the pond like I did when I was a kid,
And maybe build a scooter from roller skates,
Two-by-fours...and old apple crates,
Even if I ache in every joint the next morning.
After my maiden voyage down the block,
Even when I hear the laughter at my foolishness,
I'll smile... and feel good.

And maybe, I'll gather all the kids from the neighborhood
And go for a cone or a sundae.
And maybe, I'll feel better about all of this
Thank from all the accomplishments I known
Through attempting to please the world,
And... never being myself.

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2002

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A Second Thought (One Year Later)

When I first thought of growing old
I was of a mind that perhaps I should change...
That I should stop caring about what other thought,
Take care of myself,
Not worry about fitting in.
On Second thought...
I don't think I can do that.

I think maybe I'll have, no...
That I'll want to go on being who I am,
And, "who I am" cares about what others think!
Oh, I don't mean that I care whether I fit-in
With the expectations that others have of me.
No, I won't lose one wink of sleep if I don't measure up,
But I will not sleep soundly if I have hurt someone
Through careless thinking or actions.

It is not possible to live
And not affect someone's life.
It is not possible to truly live in a cocoon,
To custom make one's life,
To meet only one's own needs, likes, dislikes and expectations...
Without touching another person in one way or another.

So... in growing older, I will think
Of my needs, my comforts, my well-being...
Because no one else will... or should.
But, I will not cease to love...
And live in and with love for you!

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2002

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