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Just Like Me by Bill Childers

Just Like me

He came without platitudes
And He didn't give a name.
He didn't speak of gratitude,
But I listened just the same.

He didn't make threats, or a deal
He didn't pamper, or make a plea.
He didn't ask for a shekel or a meal,
Yet, He touched the soul within me.

He spoke of strange new ways,
Of love, neighbors and sharing.
He brought light to darkened days,
And freedom for more than the daring.

I wondered why I listened to his voice,
Why I strained to hear the words He said.
It wasn't as if I had no choice,
There were no chains on the path He led!

It was not chains He was putting on me,
No bonds or fetters were in His hands ...
It was the shackles of life I could not see
That he loosened ... to fall into time's sands.

Bill Childers
Copyright : December 2003

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