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The Accidental Life by Bill Childers

The Accidental Life

It began with a misunderstanding,
Which usually gets us in trouble.
Unlike a cat's three-point-landing...
We're lucky if our point is even double!

The things that are usually assumed
Are that there's a grand scheme,
That our life will be consumed,
So... all we have to do is dream.

This is to say that some stumble,
Meandering through the world.
They're perfectly willing to bumble,
Or, give most anything a whirl!

What they're really trying to say,
If you've a mind to know,
Is that they think that every day
The way is 'planned' to go.

And, that whatever life deals
Is fair and okay by them,
That someone else turns the wheel,
And life is lived on a whim.

But, 'tis not so, my noble friends,
Life is far more than a magic wand.
An 'accidental life' abruptly ends...
But, one 'lived' goes on beyond!

Bill Childers
Copyright : 2003

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