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None but Thee by Bill Childers

None But Thee

O I've swam the rivers, climbed the heights,
I've trod the valleys by night,
My heart has yearned to know what can be...
And, there is none but Thee.

I've challenged rocky shores, mighty waves,
A spirit crying to be saved.
With bleeding soul, eyes straining to see...
And, I've seen none but Thee.

Others come tempting "proven" truths,
Promising to set demons loose.
But, Thy power stands firm, protectingly...
I know there's none but Thee!

Ah, but Lord, where faith lies fallow,
Beautifully given, yet shallow,
From bonds of earth they're set free...
Cannot know there's none but Thee,

Where skeptic mind and drawing flesh
Forbids soul and spirit to mesh;
Where these have not seen Calvary's Tree...
One cannot know, there's none but Thee!

Ah, but strengthen me, O Lord, use me...
For I surely know... there's none but Thee!

Bill Childers
Copyright : 2003

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