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Poems about Life - Page 2 by Bill Childers

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Forward to Life

'Tis often said, "It's terrible to be weak and human",
But, what else can I be?
Can I be an angle with wings unfurled to the winds,
And fly to the farthest sea?

Some say it's a dastardly thing to stumble and fall,
Yet, still, I'm readily prone to do it.
Am I to assume they have found a way to conquer life,
And show me there's nothing to it?

Oh, I wish sometimes I could be better than I am,
Whatever that might mean.
Perhaps then, I'd be able to walk a straighter path,
And a 'wee' halo might be seen!

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2003

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Run True

To win a race is the sweetest fruit,
To be the victor is sweeter yet.
For crossing the line first is empty
If heart and hand are not met!

One's feet may fast-fly the course,
With the mind set for any manner.
With one not seeing the merit of skill,
Having eyes set, only to seize the banner.

Thus, run it well my friend, not fast,
Carry high the colors of spirit strong.
That, when the victory lap is done,
There's no doubt to whom it belongs!

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2003

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Time... and Things

Time is not a ’right’ we have,
But, rather a privilege we share.
Pain is not an injustice done,
But, a part of life and living to bear.

Disappointment is not a Holy vendetta
Because God doesn’t like your style...
But, a sum-total of a great many times
We forgot to make our time worthwhile.

Anger is not a natural response,
But, a defense to showing fear.
Intolerance is not a human trait,
But, an inability to be near.

Impatience is not a drive to get ahead,
A need to get the job done,
But, the lack of desire to consider
Some have a slower race to run.

Love is not something to expect,
But a gift that some will dispense.
Hate is not a common denominator...
But, a stone to build... a desperate fence.

Bill Childers
Copyright: 1993

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As High and Far

O the longing to be much more than one is,
To aim high, and be certain never to miss.
To become greater than just a mortal,
To never pass even one 'life mark', not seeing.

To know there exists nothing beyond reach,
To know great things and strive to teach.
To ignore no one who reaches for strength,
To lift those who do, going to any length!

To discover and share great visions of vitality,
To live on the cutting edge of dynamic reality.
To stand, unflinching against resolute demands;
To step firm across mires of desolate lands!

To set a gaze as high and far as one can see;
To stifle any temptations at dire complacency;
To reach for horizons where only eagles soar...
To reach... and dare to reach even more!

Bill Childers
Copyright: 2003

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