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Grace by Bill Childers


A friend called to ask of me,
"Can you say what 'Grace' is to you?"
"'Undeserved love' would be a quick reply,
Not very original... but, very true!"

Thinking and scribbling while listening
I began to get an inkling of sight.
I thought of the many times of hope
Cutting through the darkest night!

I thought of many times of fear,
When uncertainty had clung to my mind...
When I searched every corner of my thinking...
Grabbing every ray of peace I could find!

I remembered the terror felt in battle,
I remembered the anger that death brought.
I remembered anguish at senseless struggle,
Seeing no victory that dying bought!

I remembered chaos when life turned wrong,
When I just knew it shouldn’t be this way,
When I felt it should happen to someone else,
Yet... knowing the moment was there to stay!

Yes, I remembered, these and other times,
And wishing I could change them some way.
But, the power of Grace, God’s promised love...
Gave me the peace and strength to stay.

Bill Childers
Copyright : 2003

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