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An Acorn For Miss Dovie by Bill Childers

An Acorn For Miss Dovie

She was eighty-one, but, she knew love,
Her friend, only four... she knew love, too.
They shared love since they first shared hugs,
And, it was wonderful, the way they grew.

Her name was Miss Dovie, her friend, Laura...
But, Dames were not what it was about.
They laughed and talked of silly things...
Silly things important to them no doubt.

When Laura and Mamaw arrived each time
A beeline was struck for Miss Dovie's place.
They both brightened when eyes first met,
Sheer joy quickly filled every space.

Laura's eight now, Miss Dovie, eighty-five.
They've shared hours of talking and being.
She helped Miss Dovie to know many things
Her injured eyes were not seeing.

Mamaw called to tell her Miss Dovie was gone
Where Papaw had... to be among the stars.
Laura knew she could find the two brightest ones,
Brighter even than Venus and Mars.

When Laura learned of Miss Dovie's journey
Where she could no longer visit and touch,
She, after a moment, said, "Mamaw, remember what
We gave Papaw 'cause we loved him so much?

I would like for you to do the same for Miss Dovie.
Would you please put an acorn in her hand?
Then we'll know, like we did when Papaw left…
There'll be a tree in that far and distant land.

And, so, there was an acorn in Miss Dovie's hand
As she stepped away from this earthly place.
Though Laura could not see her begin the path,
She could see the smile on Miss Dovie's face.

Dedicated to Laura, and Miss Dovie, my mother.

An After Thought...

Some years later, Laura's grandmother quit this earth to keep Papaw company.  She's sorely missed because she never knew a stranger, regardless of where she met them.

I attended her services, and there I saw a grown-up Laura, now almost seventeen years old.  We shared a few minutes together, talking about these two ladies whom we had both loved, and would always love dearly.  It was a wonderful time together, even at this sad moment.  Perhaps we will not meet again on this earth, but it was a blessing to see the spark between Laura and my mother.  It took her awhile to accept me in my mother's room at the same time she was there... but, finally, she did.

God does work in strange and mysterious ways, His wonders to behold... yes, He surely does.   BC

Bill Childers
Copyright : 2003

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