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by Bill Childers


I met a man today as I walked the dusty road,
And he seemed not weary at all-
There was no load obvious on his back,
Yet, I thought I would soon fall!

Of a sudden, he began to struggle and stumble
For a reason I was unable to see-
I wearily trod closer to ask him his trouble, and...
Quickly ...I knew ...he was me!

With confused mind, and pounding, aching heart
I choked to speak his name-
Realizing full-well, I did not know this man...
We, nevertheless, were the same.

Then, I knew there was no need to speak or fear,
For my burden grew suddenly light...
And I knelt before this man, lifting my face to him,
Realizing a devastating might!

This man...was every-man...He was you...He was me...
He often treads this road, this Man of Galilee-
And lifts the load of all...yet, seems burden-free-
He must appear He meets one like me.

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