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Song Lyrics
by Bill Childers

I've written lyrics for a dozen or so songs, but not the musical accompaniment to go with them.  I  'sight-read' the chords when I play the guitar, but never developed the ability to compose them.   Below is a sampling of a few songs that I have written.  If anyone is interested in writing music to accompany them, please contact me at


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A Touch of the Master's Hand
To Set the Whole World Free

 A Touch of the Master's Hand


Like a whisper of promise, a hope of new spring,
Like a freshness of life comes love He will bring.
Like a hand reaching-out, to lead the way,
Like despair that's found a new day...(comes) (Bridge)

Jesus with presence and peace,
Jesus to heal troubled pain
With tender loving care...
And the touch of the Master's hand.


When a day feels so empty,
A fear fills the heart,
When a soul is burdened
With pain from the start.
And the shadows lengthen,
And eyes cannot see
What the Lord gave
That we might be...(like) (Bridge)


As we now face tomorrow
Assured of His peace,
And our life has grown bright
Never to cease.
Now the Lord has promised
That we would receive
A Savior whom
We could believe...(It was) (Bridge)

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 To Set the Whole World Free

All I had in this old world was an empty, hungry need,
I guess I felt that God was mine for sure.
But, I found that what I had was a small unnourished seed...
That I was just a hearer not a doer.
Now I know that Jesus died to save the man I had become,
I found His truth to be a strength to take the sinner home...

But, I knew that Jesus loved me and wanted me to be
A vessel for His set the whole world free.

I had placed my life in trust and felt the love He had for me,
I knew that He was all life could demand.
And, yet, I stumbled, sometimes falling, caught in agony...
Forgetting that His Grace sufficient stands.
I had lost sight of Cross and Crown, the blood so freely paid,
I could see the path, and, yet, my feet no progress made...

But, I knew that Jesus loved me, and wanted me to be
A vessel for His set the whole world free.

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