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Arthur Walkington (A.W.) Pink 1886 - 1952

AW Pink AW Pink was born in Britain and preached primarily in three countries, England (1908-10), the US (1910-25) and Australia (1925-28).  In 1922, he began a monthly magazine called Studies in the Scriptures, on which he worked alone except for the help of his wife Vera, whom he married in Kentucky (1916).  Pink was heavily influenced by various Puritan and Reformed authors.  He found himself increasing detached from the prevailing spiritual viewpoints of the time, so by 1936, he had moved to the south coast of England and devoted himself fulltime to a writing ministry.  Mr Pink, unlike many other authors, was well aware that only the Holy Scriptures should be regarded as authoritative, not his  opinions within the writings.  He desired to see his Savior exalted and all glory going to God the Father.

Studies in the Scriptures seldom topped over a thousand copies during its forty years of existence.  His death in Scotland, having moved from England in 1940 due to WWII, was scarcely noticed except for a few friends and readers, his name practically unknown to the world, including to most Christians.  Yet today, publishers are reprinting his writings (almost entirely from his magazines) to a widespread audience.  Mr Pink continues to be left out of most religious publications (histories, biographical dictionaries etc), but must be considered one of the most influential evangelical authors of the twentieth century.  Page created Feb 2008.

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