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Bible Reading Plans Two Year Plan

We recommend following this plan after reading through the entire Bible at least once (See our Reading Plan #3 for a couple of good first time reading plans).  After you’ve read thru the entire Bible and have a good working knowledge, we recommend shifting the emphasis of your reading to the New Testament.  The Old Testament was primarily written to Israel while the NT was written to the Church (Christians).  This is not to say that the OT is not as important as the NT.  You must have a working knowledge of the OT to properly understand the NT.  As St Augustine said, "The New Testament is concealed in the Old, and the Old Testament is revealed in the New".

This plan is similar to our 365 Day Plan except, over a two year period, you’ll cover the entire Old Testament once, and the New Testament plus the OT books of Psalms and Proverbs twice.  Since this takes less time per day as the one year plan, we suggest that you supplement your readings with a few selections from our Advanced Reading Plans.  Another option is to complete two readings a day, in which case you’d finish the plan in one year.

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Two Year Reading Plan

We’ve labeled the readings by reading number, so you can start any day of the year.  You’ll notice some days do not have a reading listed for Psalms or Proverbs.  There are 181 chapters in the two books combined, so reading one chapter a day will take six months.  Except for Psalms 119, I prefer to read a chapter in its entirety every other day.  Others may prefer reading half the chapter one day and the other half the next.  Either way, we’ll finish in about the same time.  If you don’t finish a reading or miss a day (or two) and fall behind, just continue where you left off.

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