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Colonel Howard in Afghanistan

Posted: September 26, 2009 - 19:57 CT

We just received an urgent email from our friends at Move America Forward.  They were alerting us to a letter from the frontlines of battle in Afghanistan written by Colonel Mike Howard who is asking for our immediate help.  The letter was forwarded from For The Troops, an organization based in Simi Valley, California who contacted MAF when they heard about the Troopathon.

Colonel Howard is responsible for some 4,500 troops in the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry which is stationed in some of the most dangerous provinces of southern Afghanistan.  The 4th BCT-25th ID is made up of six regiments nicknamed "The Spartan 6" and the brigade's motto is "Sparta Lives!"  They are operating in several provinces in southeastern Afghanistan, right on the chaotic border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, where the Taliban are strongest.  Col Howard has asked for help in providing his troops with care packages and much needed encouragement.

Colonel Howard's Letter Challenges MAF and Friends to Help a
Whole Brigade of Heroes in Dire Need of Supplies

Here's an image of Colonel Howard's letter:

As friends of MAF, we're asking our readers to please answer this call to action from Colonel Howard!!  To do this, MAF is announcing the "Answer The Call" campaign to send care packages to Colonel Howard's troops.

For a limited time, all care packages will be sent exclusively to this unit, the 4th Brigade, 25th Infantry Division.  They have asked for our help because of the unusual hardships they are enduring while fighting the Taliban out in the frontiers of Afghanistan.

We are asking for your assistance, to help MAF raise the money to send out 4,500 care packages, enough for the whole brigade.  So far we have raised about 25% of the money needed to accomplish this goal, but we need help!  These brave troops are putting their lives on the line everyday for us.  We must help them with the desperate battle in which these troops are engaged!

Update:  this time period for this request has now expired.  We're leaving the post up as a tribute to the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry and all our brave troops defending our freedoms, and as a "Thank You" to all those who contributed.

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