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August 2011 Review

Posted: Sept 5, 2011

While we're praying for rain and a break from the over 100-degrees days of heat in Dallas, here's a review of selected events for August.  We begin with a tribute to the Navy Seals and others who made the ultimate sacrifice in defending our freedoms.

In Europe, we witnessed the riots in the UK.

Meanwhile, back in the US, we find our fearless leader in the aftermath of his 50th birthday, before and after reality set in.

At the same time, his AG Holder continued to stonewall any investigation into the consequences of filtering weapons to Mexican drug lords.

After hailing BHO as the coming Messiah in 2008, the early surge of Michele Bachmann in the 2012 campaign again revealed the hypocrisy among the media and BHO's disciples regarding religion.

Perhaps the biggest news event of the month was BHO being, once again, laser-focused on jobs and he promised that he would not rest until the crisis was solved

All this hard work and dedication by BHO was even more remarkable considering the economic situation was created either by everyone else or was just the result of bad luck.

Finally, a glimpse into what it would have been like if the anointed one had assisted in the preparation of our country's founding documents.

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