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Love by Bill Childers

This is page 2 of the 4-page "Speaking of Friends Speaking of Friends... and Love... not War" Chapter.

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I went to the marketplace
To gaze at all it beheld.
And, going from stall to stall
I would see, touch and smell.

I saw the peaches, plums and cherries,
And cantaloupes, juicy and sweet,
Yet, none of these faired so well
When strawberries I chanced to meet!

The price was a little high
Because the season was young.
But, that fact did not deter
For the taste was on my tongue.

I thought a moment about haggling,
But it wasn't worth my time.
All I could really thing of
Was making those juicy berries mine!

When at home I cleaned and washed,
But quickly found I had too many.
I thought at once of someone
Whom I suspected did not have any.

I chose the largest and juiciest,
having sampled the night before.
I washed them and packed them
"Til the  can would hold no more.

What a delight filled my being
As I anticipated the pleasure,
And I thought of the good feeling
I got from sharing my treasure!

As I drove in the morning light,
I thought of many things.
I thought of the joy and peace
The act of giving brings.

Oh my friends, don't be conjured
To think my motives so rare,
For those who would receive,
Often served the tastiest fare!

And sure enough, this day
Was like many one before.
I was welcomed with a glad hand
As I entered their front door.

And sure enough, the strawberries
Brought forth a glad face,
And soon I had a special treat
On the table before my place!

We talked of many things,
Over a cup of coffee... or two.
And I felt the warmth of love
As only friendship can do.

Before we began our coffee,
My strawberries were put away.
They would be cold and sweet
When sampled later that day.

But then, something unexpected...
I was asked to step out back.
I saw the driveway covered with onions,
And my friend with a paper sack!

He said, "I'll trade onions
For strawberries any day."
And he chuckled with a warm laugh,
Wondering what I would say.

I said, "That sounds fair,
Though onions don't love me."
I knew there was more to this
Than just a bare eye could see.

The name of the gift didn't matter,
The purpose was not to please...
It was the love we share
In the trade of onions and strawberries!

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