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Resource Links Policy Submittal and Posting Guidelines

Our primary purpose and goal for our resource pages is to provide useful, well organized, and fairly unique information for our readers in a concise and easily navigational format that emphasizes quality over quantity.  Each link should provide our readers with educational material that will aid and mature Christians in their walk with Christ, introduce others to Christ, equip our readers to successfully navigate through this fallen world, and/or positively influence our culture and society.  Other links to material that would be of valuable interest to our readers may also be considered.

Our primary purpose is NOT to advertise your product or service; however we occasionally accept links to exceptional top-quality content marketing pages, subject to the additional “Content Marketing Guidelines” further down the page.

With these goals in mind, we've developed the following guidelines for evaluating submitted links.

General Guidelines

To be considered:

Sites/Pages must make the privacy and security of visitor information a top priority.

Pages should be fairly clean with minimal ads, pop-ups and trackers.

Articles and posts should be written by a reputable author or organization.

Articles should contain high quality content and be fairly unique (not mass produced elsewhere, or be similar to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other articles easily found on search engines).

Subjects of the page must be consistent with our standard topics. If there is sufficient interest and available time, we’ll create additional pages for related topics.

Pages containing links to other articles are acceptable, but the links should add good information rather than just be included for link building or promotion of a product or service.

Sites/Pages must have a clearly identified “Privacy Policy” that contains a detailed disclosure of all personal information (including web browsing history) that is collected from visitors, the purpose for collection, and how that information is used and shared with affiliates, associates, partners, or other third parties.  This should also include any methods by which the visitor may be contacted by you and/or others such as mail, phone, text messages, email etc.  It must also contain detailed info/instruction on how to “opt-out” or manage personal data gathering.  Links to your Privacy Policy must be prominently displayed, not hidden within your “About-Us”, “Terms of Use” or other pages.

Sites/Pages with links to “Affiliates” and/or “Associates” for the purpose of earning commissions or referral fees must meet the additional requirements listed under “Content Marketing Guidelines” further down the page.

We generally don't link to the following:

Content Marketing sights/pages such as “Product and/or Service Reviews”, “Locator and/or Referral Services”, “Infomercials”, “Buyers Guides”, etc (but see exceptions in our “Content Marketing Guidelines” below)

Sites/Pages with non-unique, overly common content

Sites/Pages that openly promote anti-Christian, anti-family, or anti-traditional values

Sites/Pages with non-family-friendly content (some essential PG material is acceptable for some categories)

Sites/Pages that are overly self-promotional - that are basically advertisements for your product or services

Sites/Pages with excessive ads, web trackers, “clickbait” links or titles, deceptive advertising or marketing etc

Sites/Pages with mass-produced and/or spammy content with little value for our readers

Sites/Pages with excessive ads, pop-ups, trackers, and/or affiliate links

Sites/Pages with data collection entry forms that collect personal information without a clear “local” notice of how the info will be used and/or shared - Notice, or link to notice on privacy page, must be adjacent to each form

Sites/Pages that directly or indirectly link to law firms soliciting class-action or mass tort plaintiffs

Sites/Pages offering various types of financial aid, grants and scholarships - We don't object to these sites, but due to the quantity of sites, a simple web search such as “financial aid for single moms”, “grants for minority students”, etc is much more efficient

Sites/Pages offering services that are quite common - There is, of course, nothing wrong with offering a common valuable service (quite the opposite), but when we listed some of these in the past, we would be overwhelmed with so many similar requests that we could not list them all, and we don't want to play favorites.

Content Marketing Guidelines

Content Marketing pages are pages containing free informational content for the primary purpose of converting viewers into customers for the site’s products and services.  Other pages often contain sponsored content that is used to earn commissions and/or referral fees by driving viewer traffic to the sites of “Associates”, “Affiliates” etc.

We generally don’t link to Content Marketing sites or Pages; however we occasionally make exceptions for some unique high quality content marketing pages.  That said, our main purpose is to provide valuable information to our readers, rather than to promote your products or services, however valuable they may be.

IMPORTANT:  In addition to the other guidelines listed in this document, Content Marketing submissions must also comply with the following FTC requirements:

Author of the article must disclose any relationship to all linked pages/sites (if any), such as owner, executive, marketing rep, employee, affiliate, ad agency representative, etc.

Marketing and Affiliate disclosures/disclaimers/notices etc must follow the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission Online Advertising Disclosure Guidelines (see also the accompanying pdf and FAQs).  We also want to emphasis that the disclosures are required for sites receiving financial or any other type of benefit, and must be clear and easily discernable.  This includes both links to affiliates and “natural” links to your own products and services.  See the pdf for guidelines regarding the language and placement info on the disclosure, and for hyperlink requirements (locations, descriptive language etc) if the disclosure is located on an “about us”, “privacy policy” or similar page.  The most common infractions that we typically see involves the location of the disclaimer or hyperlink, and lack of meaningful text in the hyperlink.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Bottom Line

The above guidelines are more complicated than we'd like, but our primary goal is to protect our readers while providing them with links to high quality pages and sites, without overwhelming them with a large number of links to pages/sites with similar and/or self-promoting content.

In addition, we attempt take the entire site into consideration when doing our review, not just the submitted page.

Self-Test:  If entering your title or subject in an internet search engine returns hundreds, thousands, or even millions of pages with similar content, your page is much less likely to be approved.

Submitting your Link

Please email us your link(s) for review.

The spam filter has been set very low for this particular email address so that all messages will pass through.  Please don’t send five or six follow-ups emails over a two week period asking if we got your request (yes, this happens a lot).  We love hearing from our readers, but we have many other projects going, so we don’t always have time to respond individually.

We hope to update the various resource pages at least once or twice a month as time allows, so please be patient.

Please include the word “Packers” somewhere in the “Subject Line” of your email.

Thanks very much for your contribution to our site.

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