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Security and Protection CyberSecurity, Consumer Protection, Fraud, Scams etc

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  We are temporarily suspending additional listings for this page.  We've received an unusually large amount of submittals the past few weeks (many more than we typically receive in a year).  We greatly appreciate all the submittals but, due to other projects, we do not have the available time to review them at this current time.  We're also updating our listing policy and evaluating some ideas that will allow us to provide more unique info.

Due to the number of excellent links sent in by our valuable readers to our Ministries and Resources section, we've now split this  category onto this separate page.  If you work with or know of an organization or resource that may be of benefit or interest to our readers, please email us your link(s) for review (see listing policy below).

Readers, please see bottom of page for Notes and Precautions regarding viewing listings.

Government Agencies

  • Federal Trade Commission - Consumer Protection against a wide variety of Unfair and Deceptive Practices in the Marketplace
  • On Guard Online - Free Online Security Tips, Guides, Videos, Publications and other Resources
  • Identity Theft - Tips and Resources for Prevention and Recovery
  • Consumer Information - Consumer Protects, Scams and Frauds, Housing, Insurance, Banking, Investments etc

Resources and Information

Notes and Precautions for our Readers:

We've recently begun approving and including some information and resources submitted by secular non-profit and for-profit organizations.  We are not affiliated with any of these organizations and receive no compensation of any kind for these listings, and the listings should not be considered an endorsement (nor a disapproval) of the organization or it's products and/or services.  It simply means that we believe the information page submitted may contain information that may be of interest to our readers.  Some of these resources are written to promote certain products or services, and many have links to businesses attempting to sell related products and/or services.  While there's not anything wrong with advertising a product or service, we urge our readers to do some research, use discernment, and take the typical precautions before doing business with any unfamiliar organization.

We welcome comments and feedback (both positive and negative) from our readers on any of the organizations listed on this page.   Any organization receiving legitimate complaints will be removed.

Listing Policy:

To keep it short and simple, here's a few conditions that might prevent a listing from being published:

- Links to pages or sites that openly promote anti-Christian, anti-family, or anti-traditional values
- Links to pages with non-unique, mass-produced, and/or spammy content with no added value for our readers
- Links to pages or sites with non-family-friendly content (some required PG material is acceptable for some categories)
- Links to pages with excessive or inappropriate ads and/or popups
- Links to pages or sites that directly or indirectly link to law firms soliciting class-action or mass tort plaintiffs

We attempt to respond to most requests within a few days, but due our other projects, and to the increasing quantity of submissions that we receive, we may sometimes take longer to respond.  We also may not respond individually to every submittal that doesn't get published.  Thank you for your understanding.

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