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Our Basic Privacy Policy

We like to keep things pretty simple, so to sum it up, we don’t collect any individual or personal information.

Information collected is for general statistical information only for the purpose of adapting our site to our readers.  For example, “country of origin” reveals that a significant percentage of our readers connect from developing countries that typically have slower internet connections.  Because of this knowledge, we attempt to keep our code clean with minimal “bells and whistles” for faster loading on these slower connections.

We also examine the browser types and versions that our readers use to connect.  We use this info in an attempt to make our code compatible with as many of these browsers as possible.  When we noticed a sharp increase in the number of users accessing our site using browsers typically found on mobile devices, we recoded our site to accommodate these devices.  We attempt to check these statistics every month or two so that we can stay current with our reader's preferences.  Once again, we just get totals for each statistical category, not any specific info on any individual anonymous visitors.

These general statistics are for the purposes described above and NOT shared with anyone.

Links to Other Sites

Some of our articles and resource pages contain links to other sites that are not operated by us.  We attempt to link only those who take the privacy of their readers seriously (see our policy for resource links, and we follow similar guidelines for links in our articles).  We also periodically review external links for privacy issues, but we still strongly advise our readers to review the Privacy Policy of every third-party site that you visit.

Please contact us anytime if you have any questions or concerns.

See our Security and Protection page for more information on cyber security, privacy, and consumer protection against frauds, scams, and much more.

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