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Update Log 2011 - 2012

This page contains a log of our site updates for the years 2011 and 2012.

 2011 & 2012 Updates

12/25/10 Added A Silent and Holy Night to our Real Issues Blog.
12/23/10 Uploaded 1st and 2nd Samuel, 2nd Peter and Jude Introductions to our Bible Books section.
12/19/10 Added A Social Network Christmas to our Real Issues Blog.
11/28/10 Expanded and split off Bible Literalism into separate article in our Bible Genre section.
11/11/10 Added article links to our Culture, Military and Patriotism, and History sections.
10/02/10 Expanded Why Study Theology series of articles in our Theology Section.  Added What is Theology, Benefits of Theology, Theological Methods, and Theology, Doxology and Biblical Love.
09/20/10 Added Friend and What Difference? to our Poetry Section.
09/18/10 Added Christians and Culture - Part 463 and Why Christians must be Politically Active to our Real Issues Blog.
09/03/10 Added the "Kinsman-Redeemer - How Boaz Foreshadows Jesus" article in our Commentary Plus section.
08/31/10 Added I'm Jack Graham and I am Second to our Real Issues Blog.
08/18/10 Added the "Was the Intermarriage of an Israelite (Boaz) and a Moabite (Ruth) Forbidden by the Covenant Law?" article in our Commentary Plus section.
08/07/10 All books in our Online Bible have now been converted to "Book on a Page" format.
07/31/10 Added Genealogies - Was Rahab the Mother of Boaz? (Ruth 4) in the OT History Commentaries.
07/30/10 Added Memories of Aunt Louise - Family and Simpler Times to our Blog.
07/11/10 Uploaded Site Map to include several recently added sections.
07/10/10 Uploaded new Military and Patriotism section.
06/18/10 Completed Introduction to Ruth.
06/09/10 Added the festival of  Shemini Atzeret Simchat Torah to our Hebrew Heritage Section. 
05/31/10 Uploaded new Memorial Day 2010  tribute to our Veterans.
05/31/10 Uploaded new Christian History and America's Christian Heritage sections.
05/26/10 Expanded and added "A Picture of a Christian's Salvation" to our  Introduction to the Jewish Festivals in the Hebrew Heritage section.
05/13/10 Added Safe in the Arms of Jesus to our Real Issues Blog.
05/11/10 Updated our  Search Engine with new features; now includes results from our Real Issue blog.
05/06/10 Added notes, commentary, and Scripture references to  The Didache.
05/05/10 Uploaded our modern version of  The Didache to the (future) Early Christian Writings Section. 
05/02/10 Completed and loaded Introduction to the 3rd John.
05/01/10 Completed and loaded Introduction to the 2nd John.
04/19/10 Added National Day of Prayer 2010 - A Violation of the Constitution? to our Blog.
04/17/10 Completed and loaded Introduction to the 1st John.
04/11/10 Completed and loaded Introduction to the Judges.
04/03/10 Added Easter 2010 - Behold the Savior to our Blog. 
03/21/10 Added Traitor or Faithful Servant to our Hebrew Heritage Section. 
03/18/10 Added Was Jesus Perfect? to our Theology Section. 
03/15/10 Added The Real St Patrick to the (future) History Section. 
03/09/10 Expanded and moved Figures of Speech to the Genre Section.  Expanded Hebrew Wisdom and Poetry.
03/06/10 Completed Introduction to Joshua.
02/20/10 Reformatted and clarified How to Know for Sure that You're Going to Heaven.
02/18/10 Added The Ethical Question of War in the Conquest of Canaan to the Commentary Plus section.
02/13/10 Added outline headings to Judges, Ezra, 1st and 2nd Corinthians in our Online Bible.
02/11/10 Added What hath Tim Tebow Wrought? - "A Celebration of Life at the Super Bowl" to our Blog.
02/06/10 Added The Good Samaritan - A Modern Parable to the Stories and Illustrations section.
01/10/10 Reformatted and added outline headings to Joshua in our Online Bible.
01/03/10 Added many new organizations to our Ministries and Resources Links page.
01/02/10 Add several new Live Feeds, News Sources and Columnists to our News & Opinions section.
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