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Update Log 2013 - 2014

This page contains a log of our site updates for the years 2013 and 2014.

 2013 & 2014 Updates

12/20/14 Added hover/popup study notes to Genesis, Exodus, Judges, Ruth and 1 & 2 Kings in the Online Bible.
12/08/14 Added God with Us - Not Just for Christmas to our Real Issues Blog.
12/02/14 Added Biblical Roots of Thanksgiving in our America's Christian Heritage Section.
11/22/14 Added outline headings to 1 & 2 Kings in the Online Bible.
11/18/14 Updated and finished converting our Bible Study Guide into multiple sections for better organization and ease of navigation.
11/15/14 Updated Bible Interpretation in our Bible Study Guide section.
11/08/14 Added Tips for More Effective Bible Reading to our Bible Study Guide section.
10/27/14 Fixed several old and broken links, and added many new resources to our Ministry Links page.
05/24/14 Added Memorial Day 2014 - Tribute and History to our Military section.
04/19/14 Updated and expanded How to Approach Bible Study in our Bible Study Guide section.
04/12/14 Completed re-coding of our website for ease of reading with mobile devices.
03/08/14 Added Ten Practices for Maintaining a Healthy Spiritual Life to our Christian Living section.
02/18/14 Added President's Day Quotes on God and the Bible to our American Christian Heritage section.
02/16/14 Re-coded our Creeds and Confessions and several other sections for ease of reading with mobile devices.
01/31/14 Re-coded our Bible Study Guide and several other sections for ease of reading with mobile devices.
01/14/14 Updated our About Us page.
12/28/13 Added Is Men Loving Jesus Homoerotic? to our Real Issues Blog.
12/01/13 Re-coded our Online Bible for ease of reading with mobile devices.  Currently re-coding poetry to fix improper indentation in certain browsers.
11/03/13 Added outline headings to James and Revelation in our Online Bible.
11/01/13 Fixed some formatting problems with red letter words of Jesus in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in our Online Bible.
10/20/13 Added Face to Face with Christ my Savior.
10/15/13 Completed the five-part Calendar Systems series by adding Part 4, which chronicles the adoption of the Anno-Domini dating system in the midst of the Roman church-state power struggles between the papacy and the crown.
10/13/13 Added Part 3 and Part 5 of the five-part Calendar Systems series that covers the origin of the BC-AD dating system and the modern Gregorian calendar.
10/10/13 Added Intro, Part 1 and Part 2 of the five-part Calendar Systems series as a supplement to our upcoming “The Bible in History – Methods and Challenges of Establishing a Biblical Timeline” series.
10/05/13 Added four new categories to ourHistory section.
05/26/13 Added Memorial Day 2013 to our Military section.
05/25/13 Consolidated all our resource and information links with our ministry and cultural action links  into a single links page.
05/15/13 Added the article Biblical Genealogies - Interpretation Challenges and Bible Inerrancy Issues to our Bible Genre section.
05/13/13 Updated and expanded the article Ruth 4 Genealogy - Was Rahab the Mother of Boaz?
04/30/13 Reformatted and added outline headings to Hosea and Micah in our Online Bible.
04/28/13 Added A Good Earth Steward to our Real Issues Blog.
04/10/13 Completed Did Judas Go to Heaven or Hell?
01/13/13 Added Forty Years of Lies to our Real Issues Blog.
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